How to book:

1. Register online and send a whatsapp message with your name to +447537181978 for activation.

2. Please indicate the model and duration you would like to book.

3. You may be required to be verified for security purposes.

4. Please give an hour minimum advance notice for the booking.

Your information is kept safely and private with Premier Sensation. The information will not be shared to third-party and solely kept by Premier Sensation.



1. How do I book?

Please click the ‘How to book’ tab for booking instruction. Please provide as accurate information as possible for the booking.

2. What is the operating hour?

Operating hour is 24/7, 365 days and subject to availability.

3. Where can I view the models?

You can view the models in the ‘model' or 'location’ tab. Models availability is based on the location you have chosen. Only registered member can view all the models.

4. Are the models and pictures genuine?

Yes, they are genuine. The models are carefully screened and verified before they become available for booking. In the event the models appear to be different from their photos or description, you may reject at no cost. For any advance payment, your money would be refunded. Otherwise, we may replace you with another model, subject to availability.

5. What if I am not satisfied with the models upon arrival?

You are given a 5-minutes grace period to reject, however you may be subjected to rejection fee (to compensate for the travelling cost).

6. What are the services available?

Services available already stated on the profile. Any other request to be negotiated directly with the models. The compensation is meant to be for the models time and services only.

7. What are the mode of payment?

Payment is to be made directly to the model upon arrival. Any extension to be paid at the start of the extension hour.  You may be required to make a deposit payment via your credit card. Any deposit can be used to offset the payment balance.

8. Is cancellation/rescheduling allowed?

Any cancellation/rescheduling to be made at least 3 hours in advance. Any last minute (within 1 hour) cancellation/rescheduling would subject to cancellation/rescheduling fee.

9. Are my details safe with Premier Sensation?

Yes, your details are safe with Premier Sensation. Client privacy is our top priority. All your details are kept solely with Premier Sensation. Your details will not be share to any third-party.

10. Can I exchange number with the models?

Please do not exchange number with the models for your security and privacy purposes. Premier Sensation value your trust and professionalism. Should any issue arise in the future from exchanging your contact with the models, it’s not Premier Sensation responsibility.